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Увы, ан масс, авторы на АО3 мигрировали из фэндома. Я все еще читаю фанфики, но ничего вот прям вау, похоже, больше не напишут. Поэтому перебиваемся, чем есть.

Кстати, про шестой артбук ничего не слышно? Лето ведь уже, все предыдущие где-то так и выходили. Или на третьем фильме решили сэкономить?

Оба фанфика хороши на безрыбье, оба ВИП.
Flowers Among the Fallen Leaves (101936 words) by garafthel
Bilbo Baggins returned home in mourning after the Battle of the Five Armies. All of Middle-Earth knew that Thorin and his nephews had fallen in the battle. It seemed that all that was left to him was a quiet, lonely existence in his empty smial. Then fate in the form of a pregnant Silvan Elf came knocking at his door one night.
Bilbo Baggins, it seemed, had never been meant for the quiet life.

Growing Dwarves (And Kingdoms) (119831 words) by Lumelle
First an injury and the coming winter delay his leaving Erebor, then word from the Shire leaves him mourning his beloved Bag End. And because getting added to Thorin's council isn't trouble enough, Kili is in love with an elf, Fili may or may not have his eyes on a certain little scribe, everyone seems to think he is a lady hobbit, and Thorin needs to find someone to marry.
Okay. So the last part might not be trouble, exactly, except for the part where it makes Bilbo's rather hopeless attachment even more painful. Or it wouldn't if he hadn't possibly accidentally promised to provide Thorin with an heir... and Dáin just might still be scheming something.
Fortunately, if there's one thing hobbits are good at, it's growing things. And Thorin did promise him a garden.

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